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At NAGA you can find Europe’s largest selection of memo boards and accessories. 
All our products are developed and designed in Denmark.

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Personalize your board

Here you can find a large range of accessories
for all types of boards and maps.

NAGA Accessories


Lifetime Warranty for glass surfaces

Naga products undergo strict quality control, hence we offer a lifetime warranty for all glass surfaces.

Lifetime warranty


Be creative with NAGA Markers

We have a wide range of quality markers.
Perfect for decorating and writing on glass, windows, mirrors and other non-porous surfaces.

NAGA Markers


Inspired by nature

Naga nord product range offers exciting materials, shapes, and colours with many options for storage as well as for decoration.

These uniquely shaped design products can be mixed and matched in many possible combinations to fit any interior style.

Naga Nord makes it possible to combine the plainness of the Nordic style and functionality.



Super Strong magnets

All NAGA magnets are super strong in order to stick on glass boards, but they can be also applied on all the other types of magnetic boards, fridges etc.

NAGA Magnets


NAGA business

NAGA business offers big size and mobile glass boards specially developed for use in places like offices, meeting rooms, hotels and conference centers.

NAGA Business