History of NAGA Denmark

NAGA Denmark Awards and Support 

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    Two years in a row we have received the prestigious Danish Gazelle Award given to a company in growth. In both 2013 and 2014, our company proved growth for four consecutive years, while the turnover was more than doubled during the same period. We at NAGA are undoubtedly very proud of this recognition.




    Code of Conduct in the heart of our business practices is to respect labor rights in our supply chain. Therefore, we want to ensure that the factories in our global supply chain have an auditing from BSCI, that is the reason why we are a member of The Business Social Compliance Initiative. BSCI is a European non-profit organization, which aims to improve the working conditions in the global supply chain and increase awareness of social responsibility.



    We hold social responsibility and play an active role in our community. Social responsibility has become part of our entire business. Awareness of taking responsibility for other members of our society creates peace of mind and better employee satisfaction.
    We are therefore very proud to receive the CSR brand from Horsens municipality, which highlights companies that help to create a comprehensive labor market. A labor market that gives people from outside an opportunity to join inside.

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    The Danish Department of Labour every year assesses if a company is in compliance with Danish work environment guidelines. If everything complies with the regulations, the Dept of Labour will give the company a green "smiley" on their website. If there are problems, the company will receive a yellow or red "smiley" rating.
    NAGA has a green "smiley".

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    Danish Hospital Clowns is an organization, which follows the idea that humor, laughter, and smiles ease the healing process. The aim is to spread joy amongst younger patients in Danish hospitals. The clowns use humor and imagination in their work which focuses on increasing the children's self-confidence and providing them with tools to be able to handle their situation, which in the end makes these patients' stay in the hospital more bearable. Danish Hospital Clowns' work in Danish hospitals depends on donations. We at NAGA find this initiative, which supports children in a difficult situation, important. That is why we have chosen to support them.

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